Wednesday, October 31, 2007

TNT Intro

Watch this great preview of the new NBA season covered by TNT.

(47MB, SB)

Opening Night Highlights

First highlights of the regular season: 3 games and a nice little top 10.


Top 10

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Monday, October 29, 2007

NBA Stories: Rookie Life

You'll see in this 5'30 video that the life of a rookie isn't always easy ;)

Rookie Life

(right click to d/l)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

More Pistol Pete Videos

After the shooting tips and drills last week, here are 3 new Pete Maravich instructional videos to improve your game. Again, despite its old school look these videos contain some useful tips and some exercices that aren't that simple to perform (go and try the dribbling drill on the floor and see if you can do that ;)

Ball Handling



Get a glimpse of what it looks on this video below (after the 1 min intro)

NBA Highlights


Suns Training Camp

Best Of Inside the NBA with Charles

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Cavs vs Celtics, October 26th

Great game in HQ from a couple of days ago, nice teamwork from the Celtics. KG got a triple double, I didn't know he was an assist guy.

The Gigasize link didn't quite work so I've re-uploaded the game on... Filefront. I know the chances are high that the file gets deleted within few hours but that's the only place I could put it. So good luck getting it. And yes, if you get redirected to filefront homepage, don't bother asking: this means the link is dead.

(932mb, 103mins, mp4)

American Gangster

After watching the flick with Denzel yesterday I felt like taking a little break from bball and bring you the latest Jay Z album "American Gangster" inspired by the motion picture (but not the soundtrack, it's an all-new Jay Z material).
This is "raw, uncut & authentic hiphop" with no real radio songs (except maybe "I Know" with Pharrell), no Beyonce duets here ;) only few featurings with Lil Wayne or Nas. Make sure to check out Falling with Bilal too.

(50mb, Sharebee link)

01. Intro
02. Pray
03. Amercian Dreamin'
04. Hello Brooklyn 2
05. No Hook
06. Roc Boys
07. Sweet
08. I Know
09. Say Hello
10. Success
11. Fallin'
12. Blue Magic
13. Amercian Gangster

Two tracks are missing from an other tracklist I saw on a site, I don't know if they're on the final version:
-Party Life
-Ignorant Shit (f/ Beanie Sigel)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Boston Vs Knicks

Another full game upload from few days ago.
After loosing by 40 points on October 17th, the Knicks met again the Celtics last Sunday this time in MSG hoping to have their revenge.
Knicks coach Isiah Thomas received some boos from the home crowd.
Zach Randolph scored 23 points, Nate Robinson added 20 for the Knicks. Paul Pierce scored 29 points, Kevin Garnett had 17 points and 10 rebounds and Ray Allen added 12 points for the Celtics. Here's the box score.

1st Half

2nd Half

Thursday Highlights


Hornets Training Camp

Euroleague - Maccabi vs. Le Mans
Terrence Morris's game-winner
Derrick Sharp's buzzer-beater
(direct links found by taltus)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

TNT Fundamentals

I've already posted a couple of these last summer but here you have the complete series.

When NBA stars help you improve your game...

Ray Allen: Jump Shooting
Steve Nash: Passing
Dwight Howard: Rebounding
Emeka Okafor: Shot Blocking
Bruce Bowen: Man 2 Man Defense
Shane Battier: Taking The Charge
Rip Hamilton: Moving Without The Ball

All 7 vids in 1 (18mins, 104mb)


And on Youtube, to complete the series:

Sam Cassel: Mid Range Game

Carlos Boozer: Post Moves

You won't have any excuse now ;)

NBA Highlights

Boston-New Jersey
Terry's 6 from 6
Boston-New York (10.22)
Boston-New York (10.17)

Nuggets Training Camp

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Phoenix Suns Homecourts

A popular web show on, "Home Court," brought to you by Qwest & hosted by TV's Jamie Morris, gives you an inside look into the lives of some of your favorite Suns players and personalities, away from the game.

Just click on the links to start streaming the video with Media Player or you can also choose to download.

Leandro Barbosa

Dan Majerle

Shawn Marion

Raja & Cindy Bell

Mike & Laurel D'Antoni

Shooting With Pete Maravich

Pistol Pete Maravich ... the name still rings in the ears of basketball fans across America. College basketball's all-timeleading scorer ... NBA All-Star ... and finally the youngest professional inductee into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

In 1987, old Pete Maravich made this 40 mintue video to instruct young people on how to proper shooting fundamentals and techniques.
I know it looks like some vintage, old school stuff but don't be fooled by that as you might find some usefull basic tips to improve your shooting skills.


Warrirors Hawai Training Camp

During the Warriors' final preseason game against the Lakers in Hawaii, Baron Davis agreed to wear a microphone while sitting on the bench. Because he was gracious enough to do this, we were able to catch a glimpse of the kind of teammate he is. Watch also Al Harrington and Stephen Jackson dancing to Soulja Boy's song.
For much more coverage of the Warriors, visit the Warriors Training Camp Blog.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Rockets-Sonics Highlights

Here are the full highlights (9 mins) of last Saturday's game between Houston and Seattle.
T-Mac was the leading scorer with 30 points, Durant led the Sonics with 25.
Francis only got 6 points but I put that pic anyway because it was cool.

I've added some new music by Fat Joe, Jay Z & Lil Wayne over the highlights. Enjoy.

(51mb, wmv, 8'50min, direct d/l)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Germany's Got Game

This isn't new, as you can tell from this mix from few years back. You can see the influence of the first And1 mixtapes on this video but they didn't just copy/paste the And1 moves like many did at that time. I found this video on an old CD Paul Gudde sent me back in 2003 or something.
Paul is a german streetball and was a pretty famous at some point doing tournaments in the UK and stuff like that. He sent me this while he was living in Paris. I haven't heard of him recently. Anyone knows where is he now?

Germany's Finest Mix

NBA Highlights

Wizards-Zalgiris Kaunas (huge Buttler dunk)
Pacers-T-Wolves (OTs)
Cavs-Magic (China game)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Best Damn Unforgettable Plays

Okay this video is not only about basketball but sports in general but it doesn't mean it's not interesting right? ;)
Here is the first part of the Top 50, from 50 to 26. I'll upload the second part next week.

I've put the intro on youtube if you like to see what to expect.

TOP 50 Unforgettable Plays (50-26)

New Streetball Legends

This is originally an hour long mixtape DVD (ripped by BBV team) released in 2005 but I chopped it down to 17 minutes removing all the -boring some some- interviews. The BBV releas was 700MB big, this one is 200MB with streetball (indoor though) action only.

"On tour for three years, today's hottest streetballers have toured the
world to bring you some of the most fascinating moves ever seen on the
court. As seen on ESPN, Nike Freestyle commercials, MTV's "Who Got Game?"
and many other streetball documentaries, these players are now featured on
the most action-packed dvds to ever come out. The New Legends of Streetball
tm. features ballers such as White Chocolate, How High, Flite, Big Swoal,
I'll Be Right Back, Black Ninja, Get Up, Elevator, and many,
many others. A Must Have DVD."

New Streetball Legends *ripped
(198MB, 17mins, mp4)

Wednesday Highlights

Warrick on O'Neal
Boston's Big 3 highlights

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Best Plays: Dunks, Passes & Blocks Of The Year Mix

Here's a little mix I just made, actually no, it's an ESPN mix called 3Ds of the year, I've just edited it a bit and added some music to it (from Channel Live & Hell Rell).
These highlights from last season were really short so I couldn't edit them the way I desired and synchronize action with music, but I still have to make my Team USA mix and I'll try to put more work into it, right now I'm just too lazy, lol.

3Ds Of 2007
(53MB, wmv)

I've also found the 3D's of 2005 and 2006 (from the dontblinkmixtape site) which are mostly a "best dunks" mix, both are in direct download too ;) Or just watch the Yoube versions

3Ds Of 2006
(60MB, mpg, use VLC player)

3Ds Of 2005
(30MB, avi)

Some Tuesday Highlights


Howard & Ewing In China
Spurs Training Camp (teaser)
Cavs Training In China
Rookie Life (teaser)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Playoff Top Performers

I know you've probably seen this post already as I posted it back in July. I was checking some links and saw these speedyshare links were dead and since I also got these videos on my server I'm just updating this post for those who haven't seen these Top10.

These are top 10 of individual players during the playoffs. 6 videos, old and recent footage, from Stockton & Malone to Lebron James (somehow I couldn't find D-Wade, too bad).
Right-click to download.

TOP 10s:

Lebron James
Kobe Bryant
Steve Nash
Stockton & Malone
Robert Horry
Dirk Nowitzki

Saturday, October 13, 2007

6-Kay Documentary

This is a 6 minute documentary on famous french streetballer 6-Kay which was in the 2004 Battleground DVD. It's in french but you might like it anyway ;)
And yeah, Condom is a city here in France, lol.
Video was added by Henry.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Toronto Raptors vs Real Madrid

I was supposed to post the T-Wolves vs Celtics game but when I spit the file in two (so it would fit in Megaupload) I realized the sound was really out of sync, it was very annoying to watch. So I decided to put this other game instead.

Calderon and the Raptors (without Bosh) take on the Real Madrid. Tight game.



Jordan XXI Commercial

One of the best MJ commercial. Players around the world reproducing MJ's greatest moves.


Pre-Season Game Highlights

Today's highlights feature close game between Cavs and Pistons & Warrirors and Lakers, Israelis in NY, Wolves in London, big Lebron block on Sheed, Skip & Franchise, and 2 NBA teasers for the upcoming season.

Promo: Immovable
Promo: Anticipation

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Chicago Bulls vs Paris Racing

Ten years ago, in October 1997, MJ and the Bulls faced the french team PSG Racing at the Bercy Stadium as part of the McDonald's Championship game in Paris.
The french team featured french stars like Stéphane Risacher or Richard Dacoury and was coached by Božidar Maljković. The Bulls were missing Pippen and Rodman but Jordan was there, that's what matters right? ;)

(200MB, first 2 minutes are missing)



The audio is in english.
Another rare & exclusive upload :)

Some Videos

Best Plays From Last Season In The NBA

Grizzlies Training Room In Spain

Warrik & Gay Witness Gasol's Stardom

Gasol & Navarro Combine For 39

Nets Training Camp

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Celtics - Raptors

Pre-season game from October 6th played in Europe.
Video is around 400MB, mp4 format, a bit pixelized.


Suns Intrasquad Game

Last Saturday the Suns had their annual intrasquad game to prepare for the preseason.

"Nash was his typical steady self, compiling 15 points and nine assists, but the difference-maker for Team White was Boris Diaw.

Diaw’s offseason training looked like it paid off, posting 21 points, 10 rebounds, five assists and three steals on 9-of-14 shooting. More important than Diaw’s stats was the bounce that he displayed around the court. Suns fans can expect a return to form for Diaw, who has worked himself into great shape.

“I love that guy,” D’Antoni said about Diaw. “Every time he touches the ball he makes a good decision.”

Fifth-year guard Marcus Banks also looked sharp, scoring 17 on 2-of-4 from downtown. Raja Bell added 14, but the player who stood out the most was reserve forward/center Sean Marks.
The 6-10 New Zealander registered 11 points and 11 boards, but more importantly, was an active presence in the paint. On one play in the first half, Rawle Marshall elevated for a tomahawk slam and Marks swooped over to stuff him cold about three feet above the rim. It was the highlight of the night, but not resting on his laurels, he sprinted to the end of the court to finish the play with a thunderous flush."




Pre-Season Games

Highlights from the 2nd day of the pre-season games played in the US and also 1 game in Spain.





Memphis vs Malaga

Gasol & Miller

Grizzlies Team Photo

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Dunkalicious DVD Trailer

The long awaited Dunkalicious DVD is about to be released!
For the moment you can enjoy the trailer in high quality on the Dunkalicious website where you'll be able to buy the english version of the DVD soon or just watch the Youtube version.

Heat - Mavs Game 6

Here is the 6th and last game of the 2006 NBA Finals.
Great quality, 1.2GB, avi format.

(uploading the rest now)

1st Quarter / Alternate link
2nd Quarter
3rd Quarter
4th Quarter Part 1 Part 2
Trophy Ceremony

Saturday, October 6, 2007

NBA All Access With Ahmad Rashad

Another great 67 minute video of behind the scenes from the past season. Chapters include: Pre-season, Pure shooters (Arenas & Allen), Amare & the Suns, All Star Week-End, Yao, Garnett, Coaches, Playoffs,...

"Experience for yourself what it's like to live the NBA dream in this compelling, all-access look at the real-life drama and intriguing stories of the most fascinating teams, players and coaches in the NBA. Hosted by Ahmad Rashad, go behind the scenes before training camp opens, all the way to the celebration of an NBA Championship, traveling beyond the bright lights of the arena into the huddles and behind locker room doors. See what players go through in the off season and training camp as they prepare for the grueling regular season. Follow them through the playoffs as they vie for the ultimate prize - a berth in the Finals and an NBA Championship. Plus, get up-close and candid with the best of the best as they showcase their skills at the NBA All-Star Weekend and so much more."

I've compressed the file so you could watch it on your PSP but you can of course play it on your computer (use vlc player) quality just won't be great in full screen.

(310MB, MP4 PSP Format)

For PSP you need the following file:
Put both files in //MP_ROOT/100MNV01 (create folders if needed) or use your file converter to transfer the video directly.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Spanish Dunk Contest

Here is the Slam dunk contest from the Supercopa held in Bilbao last Saturday.
The 3 contestants made few good dunks but it was mostly a contest between James Singleton (former Clipper) and Victor Claver (pictured) as Vega's dunks aren't really impressive.

Supercopa Concurso de Mates

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Lebron James & Kanye West @ SNL

Lebron James was the host of the 33rd season premiere of Saturday Night Live last weekend.
He plays in several sketches you can download below (5 out of the 7 he did), Kanye West did one also about him being a cry-baby when he doesn't get an award. I'm also adding Kanye's performances. Oh yeah, it has nothing to do with bball or hiphop but that music video with Iran's president was quite funny so I'm adding it too :p

Lebron Show Intro
Lebron mentions the past Finals. Reaction from the Lebron's.

High School Musical 3: Return of the Seniors

Does the new kid has what it takes to make the basketball team?

Best of Solid Gold
Lebron & others dancing vintage style

106 & Park w/ Kanye
Kanye explains his outbursts at previous award ceremonies

Read To Achieve
Lebron doing a commercial

Great Moments in Guidance Counseling

High School Lebron gets some guidance

Kanye - Stronger / Good Life

Kanye - Champion / Everything I Am (+freestyle)

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in "Iran So Far Away"
Song by Andy Samberg & Adam Levine of Maroon 5. Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad played by Fred Armisen.

If you don't wanna download you can simply watch these on Youtube from my page: