Friday, August 31, 2007

Team USA - Canada

No time to comment more on this. Just enjoy :p

1st half
2nd half

USA-Puerto Rico

I've upped the USA-Puerto Rico game from the quarter finals on Megaupload, I hope most of you can d/l it there.



I'll upload USA-Argentina tomorrow :)

FIBA Americas 2007 - Day 9

Last night was the long awaited battle of the undefeated between Team USA and Argentina and maybe a preview of the finals. Things get more serious for Team USA here and it's a real test for the future. Important game for Brazil also who needs to win against Uruguay to advance to the next round. The last spot in the semis is reserved to the winner of the game between PR & Canada.

Puerto Rico-Canada

Top 10 Day 9

Top 10

Thursday, August 30, 2007

FIBA Americas 2007 Day 8

Highlights from the third games from the Quarter finals round (1 game remaining before the Semis).
Lebron had a great game for Team USA shooting 11 from 11 and scoring 26 points. Melo missed this game due to a bruised heel (he probably hurt himself when he fell after a big dunk in previous game).
Some of the videos might be a bit messed up near the end.
Also, half of the USA game video is highlights and the other interviews.

Venezuela-Puerto Rico

Top 10 Day 8

Lebron's perfect game

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Top 50 Classics 11-20

We're getting close to the end of my favorite 50 HipHop joints, most tracks here are quite famous, some of you are maybe too young to know some though :p I hope you'll like these.

Top 50 - 11 to 20

By alphabetic order:

-Das EFX - Real HipHop
-Fat Joe - Shit Iz Real
-Genius - 4th Chamber
-KRS One - Rapture's Delight
-Lost Boyz - Renee
-Mobb Deep - Up North Trip
-Outkast - Elevators
-Showbiz & AG - Next Level (Remix)
-The Lords Of The Underground - Tic Toc
-The Roots feat. Erykah Badu - You Got Me

Honnorable mention goes to: Rottin Razkals - Oh Yeah
(actually I forgot to put it in my top 50 when I made it and I suppose it goes somewhere between 15 & 25 position)

Feel free to leave your comments.

Next part is coming in a couple of days.

Sebastian Telfair High School Game

This game is from January 2004. That's one of the games you can see in the Through The Fire movie (that you can d/l from here too).
Sebastian Telfair led Lincoln with 37 points. He returned from ankle injury to post an excellent performance in front of many NBA scouts.
This is raw footage (no commentators, several angles nor replays) but good quality.

You can preview it below or download it from the link underneath the filefront player.


AO game winner & Ball4Real Highlights

AO hits a buzzer beater in Harlem to win and send the crowd going crazy

& More highlights from that Ball4Real-Tri State Game including a big dunk by Terminator2 that made the crowd go wild again

FIBA Americas 2007 Day 7

Sorry for the late up for these highlights, I was uploading the Telfair game and didn't take the risk to upload other files at that same time fearing it might disturb my 700MB upload :p

Here are the highlights now:

Argentina vs Canada
Brazil vs Mexico
Uruguay vs Venezuela
USA vs Puerto Rico

Top 10 Day 7

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

FIBA Americas 2007 Day 6

Team USA faced Mexico and as you can see in the highlight mix below the US team had some fun and turned the game into a block & dunk party, lol. USA won by 27 but still Mexico managed to score 100 points...


Argentina vs Venezuela
Brazil vs Porto Rico
Canada vs Uruguay
USA vs Mexico

TOP 10 DAY 6

USA-Mexico highlights

Full game can be downloaded here:
USA-Mexico Full Game (torrent)

And1 Vol.9: The South Part

This was one of the most spectacular part of the mixtape 9 (Area Codes), the part where the And1 dunkers is (was) at: The Air Up There, 50, Spyda & Helicopter. It's 7 mins long, check it out!

And1 South Part

Players' Workout

I know I posted the TMac summer workout before but I wasn't sure about the Lebron one so I'm upping these two again. This might give you some ideas for new exercices for your own training like the one where a guy holds you back with an elastic band which must be interesting to try and probably efficient too. I'm adding a Kobe video as well where you see him messing with iron this summer right before the Americas Championships.

Lebron Workout
Tracy Workout
Kobe Workout

Monday, August 27, 2007

Team USA vs Virgin Islands + Brazil

Another full game uploaded!


For those who use bit torrent you can get the game versus Brazil below, just open it with your favorite BT client:


I intend to upload the game versus Canada next, then maybe the Brazil game only if I get requests since with can get it from torrent.

Top 50 Classics 21-30

Third part, it's getting more serious now!
Concerning OGC, I couldn't make up my mind: I could also have put Hurricane Starang or Da Storm instead of No Fear, same thing for Group Home with Suspended In Time, consider it tied with Tha Realness & Supa Star. Actually this also could be said for Nas & Wu Tang, too many hits to choose from...

Top 50 21-30

By alphabetic order:

-A Tribe Called Quest - Once Again
-All City - The Actual
-D.I.T.C. - Day One
-Gangstarr - Mass Appeal
-Group Home - Up Against The Wall
-Lost Boyz - Jeeps Lex Coups Bimaz
-Nas - The Message
-O.G.C. - No Fear
-Wu All Stars - Soul In The Hole
-Wu Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M.

Feel free to leave your comments.

Next part is coming in a couple of days.

50 HipHop Albums

Voici un pti lien que jviens de trouver avec une 50aine d'albums hiphop en téléchargement direct, ils ne sont pas récents dans l'ensemble mais ça peut toujours intéresser certains d'entres vous.


FIBA Americas 2007 - Day 5

The preliminary round ended yesterday with a thriller (Argentina-Panama), Venezuela looking for its first win and a matchup of the undefeated: USA-Brazil.


Team USA-Brazil
Venezuela-Virgin Islands

Top 10

Another Big Game For Melo.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Team USA vs Venezuela Full Game (At Last)

My upload problems seem to be over and today I managed to upload both part of the game without any connection break so here are the first game of the Team USA in mp4 format (quite hi-quality) to download from Filefront below, enjoy.
(streaming doesn't seem to work with mp4 files)



FIBA Americas 2007 - Day 4

Another blowout for the US Team?

Team USA - Canada


Carmelo's Big Game

More games:

Uruguay-Puerto Rico


Brazil-Virgin Islands

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Nike "Laced" Documentary

Nike Asia made a documentary few months ago celebrating 30 years of Nike Basketball history. For this film feature, familiar faces in the basketball and sneaker cultures such as Pee Wee Kirkland, Benny Gold, Dave Ortiz of DQM, and Bobbito Garcia were interviewed to talk about the different aspects of basketball and sneaker communities. The film goes in depth with streetball, sneaker art, fashion, and more.
I first found this a while ago on youtube divided in seven 5 min long episodes, it's only recently that I thought of packing them into a 35 min vid. Converted to mp4 the video is now 222MB.
I don't know if you can find this anywhere else so for the moment I'd like to call it a bballvideos exclusive, hehe. I hope you sneaker nuts will enjoy it :)


Top 50 Classics 31-40

Voici la 2e partie de mon top 50 de classiques hiphop des années 1990-95 environ (même si certains morceaux sont plus vieux et d'autres plus récents). Toutes les chansons de ce pack sont entières mais je me suis aperçu qu'il y avait des morceaux coupés après 2-3 minutes dans d'autres pack, sorry about that. Aussi, tous les fichiers ne sont pas en mp3, il y a aussi du m4a (ça sent le itunes ça) voire du wma.
Je rappelle qui s'agit d'un classement élaboré à partir des sons que j'ai sur mon PC et non mon top50 absolu (qui serait encore plus dur à faire je pense).

Top 10 - 31 to 40

By alphabetic order:

-Boogie Monsters - The Beginning Of The End
-Common - I Used To Love H.E.R
-Das EFX - They Want EFX
-Dr Dre - Let Me Ride
-Jamal - Fades'Em All (Remix)
-Jay Z - D'Evils
-Jeru The Damaja - Ya Playin' Yaself
-Mobb Deep - Shook Ones Pt.2
-Raekwon - Rainy Dayz
-Rampage - Wild For Da Night

Feel free to leave your comments.

Next part is coming in a couple of days.

FIBA Americas 2007 - Day 3

No Team USA game last night.

Panama 95, Mexico 90
Canada 93, Virgin Islands 83
Argentina 87, Puerto Rico 75
Brazil 101, Venezuela 75

Top 10

Friday, August 24, 2007

Ball4real vs Tri State Classic

2 years after And1, it was Ball4Real turn yesterday to play at the Kingdome, NYC, against Mousey’s Tri-State Classic. The team included players like A Butta, Best Kept Secret, Mile High or Total Package. Here's the 1st video I could find on youtube so far, 4 mins of play from the first half. Apparently, in the end Ball4Real team won thanks to a last bucket by A.O.

Need A New Streetball Bag?

Well maybe SBA has the right one for you. You can put your streetball gear in it and your shoes on the side. I'm not a connoisseur in sports bags (I'm carrying the same old one for almost 10 years now, lol) so maybe these type of bags already exist. The 2 bags in 1 and the separate lateral bags for the shoes look convenient, hmm I might consider changing mine :p Check them out.

Ball4Real players already got theirs...

Filipinos Ballers

Here is a clip of ballers from the Philippines playing in a gym.
Go to youtube for more videos from the Flip Ballaz.

Dunkalicious Evolution Mix

This is a great mix of almost 7 minutes by LaGrof (the waffl', lol). It's a chronological mix so you can witness the progress Yann & Brice made since 2002. Even if this mix was made with Windows Movie Maker the editing and timing was so good you could think the mixmaker used a more professional one. Anyway, props to him for this mix of the De Blaine brothers.


And1 Chile Vol.2

Another mixtape but this time from South America. It's called And1 Chile and got a And1 watermark on it but I'm not sure whether it's official or not. It's 30 minute long, it's worth checking if you like watching guys dribbling and trying to pull moves on their opponents.


Tru Baller - Tru 2 Da Game Vol. 2

This is mixtape volume 2 from Dime streetballer Tru Baller called Return Of The King. Also featuring Dime members like Ghost, Prince or Make U Famous.I think this tape is from 2006 but it's still good :)

(183 MB, 57 mins, QT)

FIBA Americas 2007 - Day 2

Here are the highlights from yesterday's games and another blowout for Team USA.
I also added the Top10 of the night and two Team USA practice videos.

(right click & save target as)

Team USA - Virgin Islands
Panama - Puerto Rico
Venezuela - Canada
Argentina - Uruguay

Kobe Wire Practice

Train Like A Champion

Top 10 Plays

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Top 50 Classics 41-50

I've made a compilation some of my favorite hiphop tunes, some classic stuff from the 90's. I've cut down my selection to 50 which was already a hard task then I tried to sort it out. It would be too much of a headhache for me to make a complete top 50 so I jut made a 10 by 10 selection.

Also, just to make it clear, this isn't my absolute Top 50 HipHop Classics but rather a best of the songs that are on my computer, most of my favorites are here but many are missing too.

I'll make another Top 50 (or 25) from more recent songs later.

Here's the first part:

Top 10 - 41 to 50

By alphabetic order:

-Big Pun feat. Prodigy & Inspektah Deck - Tres Leches
-Da Youngsta's - I'll Make You Famous
-Gang Starr - Code Of The Streets
-Jeru - Can't Stop The Prophet (Pete Rock Remix)
-Nas - Represent
-Naughty By Nature - OPP
-Pete Rock - The Game
-Saucrates - Father Time
-Lords Of The Underground - Funky Child
-The Pharcyde - Drop

Feel free to leave your comments.

Next part is coming in a couple of days.

Guy Dupuis @ Midnight Madness Dunk Contest

French dunker Guy Dupuis (who won Quai54 dunk contest last month) shuts down the Nike Midnight Madness dunk contest. By

There's a 10 min video on youtube also but there are so many missed dunks in this that it isn't worth putting it here, but maxpower31 did a mix of it and only keep the made dunks, watch it below.

Again the between the leg dunk from another angle this time.

FIBA Americas 2007 First Day

Here are highlights from the first 4 games including Team USA debut.

Team USA-Venezuela
Puerto Rico-Mexico

And the top10 of the day:
Top 10 Plays

If you want to get highlights of the team usa game play by play in good quality you can d/l these to rar files compiled by batkins182

1st Half Highlights

Number Of Clips: 6
File Size: 72 MB

2nd Half Highlights
Number Of Clips: 5
File Size: 52 MB

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Chamillionaire Mixtape Messiah 3 DVD

If you're a Chamillionaire fan you probably have seen this video already as it's available for download on his website, the video is hosted on Sendspace pro: just click on the link and download will start at high speed.
The video is basically him on stage, in clubs, during video shoots, hanging with other rappers and friends,... 83 mins long, it's pretty cool, just CLICK HERE check it out.

City Slam Season 2

I found 3 full shows from last year's episodes (shot in Panama City) there (cool, I didn't have to upload them!), I will add some other shows later, probably this weekend. These here are in direct download.

City Slam ATL Regional
— Marvin "High Rizer" Collins
— Robert "Flight" Wilson
— Dewayne "UPS" Swain
— Mike "Sky High" Banks

City Slam NYC Regional
— Rasharn "Snapp" Barner
— Shanod "JFK" Burton
— Cameron "Birdie" Bennison
— Devin "Mr. Biz" Thompson

City Slam Oakland Regional
— Robert "Exile" Yong
— Kevin "Bizness" Butler
— Chris "C.G." Green
— Brian "The Beaster" Parker

By the way, I'm putting again the link to this video that was on my old site, a DimeTV vid which compiles some of the best dunks from the second season. Again, right click the image to d/l.

New HipHop / R&B Music Videos

Birdman feat. Lil Wayne - Pop Bottles

David Banner feat. Lil Wayne, Snoop & Akon - 9mm

Akon - Sorry Blame It On Me

Nicole Scherzinger feat. T.I. - Whatever You Like

Twista feat. Pharell - Give It Up

Talib kweli feat. Will I Am - Hot Thing / In The Mood

Streetball DVDs: YPA The War / Dime The Movement

As requested here are 2 old classic mixtapes by famous streetball crews YPA & Dime.

YPA The War (WMV, 115 MB)
Dime The Movement Part 1 / Part 2 (115 MB each)

MJ DVDs: Above & Beyond / To The Max

MJ Above & Beyond fait partie de la série des DVD sur Jordan à côté des Come Fly With Me ou Playground. Le lien ici est un téléchargement direct mais comme la vitesse n'est pas terrible je vous conseille d'utiliser un download manager pour le choper car ça serait bête que la connexion saute après avoir téléchargé 600 mo et que vous soyez obligé de tout recommencer (je parle en connaissance de cause, lol). Comme d'hab, faites click droit pour enregistrer la cible sous...

Michael Jordan To The Max est un des derniers DVD sortis sur MJ et un de mes préférés. Il est un peu tourné comme documentaire avec Laurence Fishburne comme narrateur. Il y a eu une erreur dans la description du fichier, il ne s'agit pas de MJ beyond the glory mais bien MJ To The Max

Team USA 2006

The FIBA Americas Olympic Qualifying Tournament starts today and Team USA is facing Venezuela as game opener. You'll get the highlights tomorrow here (maybe even the full game) but in the meantime I'm giving you a little taste of Team USA with highlights of the 2006 Tournament.
First link is a rar file with video highlights fromTeam USA games against Brazil, China, Korea, Lituania and Greece. Videos are low quality, very pixelized.

The other video is a mix from Team USA vs Puerto Rico (6 mins, much better quality)

Steve Nash's 20 Minute Real Workout

With this video you will know what to do if you have 20 minutes to kill at the gym and want to improve your shooting. It shows Steve Nash shooting in real time for 20 minutes from differents spots of the court.


(preview here)

Beyond The Glory Videos

Voici 2 nouveaux épisodes de Beyond The glory qui nous racontent les hauts et bas de la carrière de vos joueurs favoris.

Kevin Garnett

Reggie Miller

Innercity Streetball Mixtape

This is a pretty good mixtape from 2005 with appearences by then AND1 players like the Pharmacist, Shane, High Octane. If you like the Pharmacist this tape is for you. It has also interviews in it as well as few hiphop freestyles by the Roots or Jay Z.
Video has been upped in 3 parts by Defamous on sendspace.


You still not sure if you're gonna cop this mixtape? Take a peek at it to make up your mind:

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

German BBL Dunk Contest

This is a video I saw on Germany's Finest site from last January's Allstar dunk contest. I know it's old but I post it because I didn't have any german video here yet. In the contest Fabian "White boy with hops" Greiser and Jared Newson get at eachother. I don't know the rules of the contest but apparently the dunkers does like 20 dunks each. Jared wins at the end.
(direct d/l from GF site or youtube below)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Shaquille In Beijin - China

Well, I admit the interest of this video is very limited as these are probably some of the worst highlights I've ever seen from a pick-up game, but since you don't get to see Shaq playing, or rather "hanging" with some guys outside a NBA court I decided to post it anyway. I'm not sure how old this is but I assume this is from this summer.

The second video is as much interesting as the first one, this is Shaq nailing all his shots from mid-distance... nah, just kidding.

Stephon Marbury on Mike'd Up

Another youtube vid this time from a tv show where Starbury was quite talkative as always. This is from early July, just after the Randolph trade.

Greg Oden Draft Week Video

This has just been posted, a personal video shot by Greg Oden when he was in NYC for the draft.
Basically this is him talking to the camera from his hotel room.

Nash Charity Classic

Late July Steve Nash held his annuel Charity game in Vaancouver. Here is the lineup:
East: Ira Newble, Fred Jones, Dan Dickau, Drew Gooden, Jackson Vroman, Raymond Felton, and DJ Strawberry
West: Steve Nash, Sam Cassell, Felipe Lopez, Samuel Dalembert, Raja Bell, Leandro Barbosa, and Alando Tucker.

And here's the recap:
(200 MB, 36 mins: 10 minutes of game highlights, the rest is interviews & behind the scenes)

If you only want to watch the highlights there's a youtube vid

Hooked, The Legend Of "Hook" Mitchell

Encore une vieille vidéo que j'ai ressorti de mes dossiers, c'est un mix des actions de the Hook que j'avais compilé à partir du DVD qui été sorti à l'époque. The Hook c'est le surnom d'un ancien baller de Oakland qui est tombé à cause d'un histoire de drogue et qui est considéré comme étant le meilleur joueur n'ayant jamais pu aller en NBA.

(click droit pour télécharger)

MJ N.C. Debut (Full Game)

Here's a vintage classic college game : Michael Jordan's first game in North Carolina in 1981, that's 26 years ago! You might recognize James Worthy & Sam Perkins in this game against Kansas. Quality isn't great it was ripped from an old vhs tape.

NC vs Kansas - MJ's Debut

Sunday, August 19, 2007

City Slam Season 1 Finals

This isn't the full show but two clips:
THE VERT contest, the bar is set 60 inches, who between Hi-Rizer & Skywalker will jump the highest?...

SIGNATURE DUNK, one last dunk by each of the 4 contestants, this is where you need to display your best dunk and Sky & Hi did pretty well I think.

Hurricane Katrina Relief Game

Je vous remets le petit clip du match de charité organisé par Kenny Smith pour aider les victimes du cyclone Katrina. Avec comme stars entre autres: Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady, LeBron James, Kevin Garnett, Gilbert Arenas, Amaré Stoudemire, Jermaine O'Neal, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Damon Jones, Steve Francis ou encore Ron Artest. Pour l'anecdote, l'équipe de l'Ouest remporte le match 114-95.

RELIEF GAME RECAP (Megaupload / BBVDz Link)

Un autre clip que je ne pense pas avoir posté à l'époque, il s'agit d'un petit concours de shoot en 2eme mi-temps entre T-mac et Agent Zero:


The Notic Vol. 2

For the 2 of you who don't know about the Notic, it's a canadian crew of streetballers and freestylers who released 2 classic mixtapes few years ago.
This is volume 2 here for those who wanna see it again. This version is 400MB in 5 parts and upped on rapidshare, yeah that means you'll have to wait few hours between 2 downloads (sorry about that) unless you can cut and start your internet connection and get a new ip everytime like I do , no waiting time in this case ;)


Vince Carter Beyond The Glory

It has been posted already some time ago (on the old site version) but since some requested it here it is again. This one has been upped by streetz (I guess), props to him


Not Your Ordinary Top 10's

Here are few top10s different from those you're used to.

Top 10 Dunks On Shawn Bradley (from 2003)

Top 10 Fights In The NBA (from 2004)

Shaq Top 10 Quotes (from 2005)

Top 5 Dunks On Yao

Few videos

Here are the lattest videos from not always very interesting I know.

Watch highlights of the Memphis Grizzlies newest member Juan Carlos Navarro

Marco Belinelli lit it up at the Summer League. Check out the Top Plays of his best performances

D-League hopeful Ron Reed hopes to go from Wall Street to the D6League. Go Pro Challenge

Diaw, Pietrus Duhon & Deng in Paris for the Basketball Without Borders - Europe event.

Outlaw & Ziani / Game MVP

Friday, August 17, 2007

Steve Francis Beyond The Glory

I haven't watched this yet but audio might be a bit out of sync, that may occured when the vid got converted to mp4... maybe you won't have pb playing it, just see for yourself.

Steve Francis BTG

Thursday, August 16, 2007

City Slam Season 1 Short Clips

Toujours dans la série "je retrouve des vieilles vidéos sur mes DD" voici quelques clips de la 1ere saison de City Slam (en 2005) et quelques photos par la même occasion. Désolé si je vous mets pas plus de description comme le nom des dunkers mais je suis un peu pressé par le temps la.

Right-Click To Download

City Slam Preview
ATL Intro
Freestyle ATL
Tandem ATL
Tribute ATL
Vert ATL
Intro LA
Freestyle LA 1
Freestyle LA 2
Tandem LA
Tribute LA 1
Tribute LA 2
Vert LA
Jumping Jack Tribute Dunk
NYC Recap
Hi-Rizer Freestyle
Showbiz Freestyle
Skywalker Freestyle
Skywalker Tribute