Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kobe Doin' Work

Just about every baller in the world has dreamt about playing in the NBA, as well as the accompanying fame and fortune that comes with being one of the greatest athletes in the world.

But not many of us know what kind of preparation, communication, attention to detail and flat-out hard work is takes to achieve that level of success.

In his new documentary, “Kobe Doin’ Work,” filmmaker Spike Lee chronicles a single game day in the life of Kobe and the Lakers, offering never-before seen insights into how Mamba and Co. prepare, communicate and execute.

Lee’s documentary, which was shot last April when the Lakers played the Spurs, utilized 30 cameras during the game, 18 of which were focused on KB.

In addition, Phil Jackson gave Lee and his camera crew unprecedented pre-game, halftime and post-game locker room access, something the Zen Master had never previously done.

As you can see and hear in the clips below, part of the documentary runs like a director’s cut, with Kobe watching and listening to Lee’s footage while Mamba explains the details of what we’re watching on screen.

Here’s a slice of the kind of amazing insights and “director commentary” the documentary provides:

[Kobe comments as he watches himself and Luke Walton discuss in-game strategy on the sidelines]

“This is making your teammates better. Like I said, it’s not about passing the ball to them all the time; that gives them an opportunity to be successful. Making your teammates better is instilling in them the same preparation that you have, seeing the same things you see. On the court, that’s how you make them better permanently.”

But why take our word for it? Watch, listen and be prepared to feel like you’re sitting on the bench right next to Two4:


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