Tuesday, July 21, 2009

2 Ganon Baker Training Videos [Req]

Here's a training video some of you requested some time ago by skill development trainer Ganon Baker. He shows some crossovers to pass by your defender. Most moves have names like the "Lebron crosssover", "Marbury crossover" or "GP spin". Grab this if you wanna get some good inspiration to improve your dribbling skills.

"Ganon Baker demonstrates 35 of the most useful, unique, and "unguardable" street moves ever seen on video! Ganon demonstrates each move and instructs when to use them. More importantly for coaches and players, Ganon shares how to take these mesmerizing street moves and implement them into team basketball. The "training wheel" drills in this video reinforce proper hand-eye coordination, the key for successful dribbling at any level. Learn how to relieve defensive pressure and create better scoring opportunities while being closely guarded. This is an outstanding tape for enhancing individual improvement in the areas of creativity, ball handling, and breaking people down off the dribble."

35 Street Moves (Crossovers)
400MB, MP4

  • Dribbling and Driving drills for the Preps and Pros
  • All drills demonstrated at the highest possible level by Ganon Baker.
  • Innovative drills utilizing tennis balls and chairs.
  • Become an offensive threat with the Driving section.
  • NBA Dribble moves of Mike Bibby, Kobe Bryant, Rafer Alston, and Allen Iverson
  • Driving drills based on moves by Dwayne Wade and Chauncey Billups

Dribling & Driving
560MB, MP4

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