Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Monday's Games on Fileserver

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The world of file servers change rapidly. Megaupload used to be the leading company few years ago with a unique a 1GB file download feature, then competition from Rapidshare and Hotfile became more intense. Nowadays it's harder to find MU, RS & HF links because these sites are more controlled and files are deleted faster and also other sites like Fileserve, Filesonic, Bitshare, etc offer more features for premium users.
All that to say that I will not put Megaupload links anymore like I used to do. I think I will only put Fileserve links as these are the most common links these days, you can find FS links in every movie, video game or music forums. I will get my premium account soon by the way. I got a Hotfile account last december but the number of (valid) links I could find on forums dropped tremendously. Now it's pretty hard to find HF working links. On the contrary FS files are everywhere and aren't deleted right away. Get your Fileserve account too today! It's like $10/month or less for high speed unlimited downloads.
Ok now done with the advertising.
For those wondering I stopped uploading and updating the site last Fall because I got a job so much less free time for the site and also because I moved out and got a shitty connection ever since so I would have to leave my computer open all day and all night to upload 1 game a day.
As you could see if you visited BBallvideos before the Google Ads have been removed (by Google) so I'm not making money at all with the site and March is the month when I have to renew or not my domain name and hosting account (thanks again to those who donated last year by the way!) and this year for the first time in like 8 years I'm considering not renewing it.
In the meantime I will post FS links of recent games because I have more free time now ^^ We'll see about that later. Enjoy the games!

1st Half 2nd Half
534MB, 360p

1st Half 2nd Half
539MB, 360p

1st Half 2nd Half
488MB, 360p

1st Half 2nd Half
1GB, 540p

538MB, 360p

533MB, 360p

592MB, 360p

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  1. The Man is Back!! Saludos Toums. (R.I.P. Nate Dogg)