Saturday, December 31, 2011

Back for another season!

Hi guys! For those who are still coming from time to time on this site to check for updates I'm glad to let you know that I couldn't stop this site like I said I would after the last playoffs and so I'll be posting links of games for this short season.
However this year, unless I get special requests, I will only post Miami Heat games, this for 2 reasons: Miami is my favorite team since 2004 and for lack of time. My job and my new born baby ^^ is taking me a lot of time.

As always I'm open to suggestion. I will reopen the cBox so you can tell me if you rather have Fileserve or Filesonic links, SD or 720p games, stuff like that.

Ok, let's start with the first game of the season, remake of the last Finals.

HD, 3GB, MP4

Premium link:
SD, 1,36GB, WMV, 944x600 

  The Dallas Mavericks Raise The 2011 NBA Championship Banner

  LeBron James #6 Of The Miami Heat Takes
  Norris Cole #30 Of The Miami Heat Dribbles


  1. Hello you ! My name is Adriano, and I'm a huge fan of the Knicks, they are the best in the world ! Happy new year :) See ya

  2. Hey Adriano! You'll have to go some place else to see Knicks games ;) The Knicks are good indeed but can they beat the Heat? Hahaha!