Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Get One Premium Account for all File Hosting Sites

For all of you download-lovers out there, – the revolutionary multihoster that allows you to download from over 48 different file-hosters with one single account – has an offer you just don’t want to miss!
Now you can enjoy more music, more films, more games and more apps with less money!

How? Just keep on reading, to find out more…
Zevera’s Buddies Offer:
10% more value for you and your buddy!
With the hot, new Zevera Offer you just have to bring a buddy to Zevera. Automatically you and he will get a plus 10% on his account’s Value! Now, how cool is that?
It’s as simple as this:
  • You purchase your Premium Zevera Account.
  • You pass your referral code to a friend…
  • He purchases the premium account he wants…
  • You both get a plus 10% of his Account’sValue!

E.g. if he purchased a 30-days Account he gets 33 days and you get plus 3 days on your account!
If he purchased a 90-days Account he gets 99 days and you get plus 9 days on your Account! 
Same goes for gigabyte accounts:
If he purchased a 50-gigabyte account he gets 55 gigabytes and you get plus 5 gigabytes on your account! 
If he purchased a300-gigabyte account he gets 330 gigabytes and you get plus 30 gigabytes on your account!
So, what are you waiting for?
Get your Zevera account now, and download more, FOR FREE!

About is a revolutionary multihoster that supports over 48 file-hosters. That’s right: with one account you can automatically download from 48 different file-hosters!
This way you don’t have to think about which hoster the link you are looking for is in.Υou use only one account that supports all those hosters, and you can download problem-free!
Plus, Zevera is also very simple to use: you just paste the links to the Zevera site or use the downloader tool and the files will be downloaded directly without waiting, without captcha and at an incredible speed!

So, instead of spending a whole bunch of money on different one-click accounts, you can now get yourself one account that works for over 48 different hosters and save money!
Premium Downloading from 28 file-hosters
Download any files you want without worrying about on which site they are hosted.
No limit on downloads
Download unlimited number of files at incredible speeds!
Unlimited Parallel downloads
Download as many files simultaneously as you want and never wait again!
100% Secure & Anonymous
Your downloading is totally anonymous as we are like an anonymous proxy server. Your credit card payment is processed via reliable third-party companies like PayPal, AlertPay etc… and we have no information about who you are.

Get your Zevera account now, and downloads all your games with no worry!

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