Thursday, January 24, 2008


“Before the Bigs: Ronny Turiaf” tells the story of a driven and carefree boy responsible for a family of four, who discovers his physical abilities can afford him the opportunity to generously support them for life, only to find that his life, literally, hangs in the balance. “Before the Bigs” opens with a fourteen-year-old Ronny Turiaf making the decision to leave his family and friends on the Caribbean isle of Martinique and set sail for Paris. Playing basketball in France presented another opportunity: he was recruited by Gonzaga University. Turiaf relocated to the Pacific Northwest, far from the French café culture and the tropical breezes of childhood home and, there, developed some of the most prolific relationships of his life. His performance at Gonzaga led him to the NBA draft and the Los Angeles Lakers.

What should have been a celebration quickly turned into a grave situation: Turiaf’s team physical revealed an abnormality that required immediate medical attention. With his Gonzaga teammates and friends by his side, open heart surgery was performed. His new Lakers family showed their support by paying for the surgery and honoring his NBA contract. “Before the Bigs: Ronny Turiaf” is story of a player who is the heart and soul of the Lakers organization, and it is told by his friends from Gonzaga. Bulldogs Head Coach Few and Assistant Coach Lloyd are among those interviewed.

Before The Bigs: Ronny Turiaf

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