Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Some All Access Vids

Here are some recent NBA.com All Access videos to download. Of course you can also watch these and other All Access vids on the NBA's video page.

Check out Kings forward Francisco Garcia at home on the streets of New York City -- and the road he took to the NBA.

Ahmad Rashad checks in with Pacers forward Danny Granger, who talks about his development as a player.

Check out Andre Iguodala as he talks about the leadership role he's taken with the Sixers.

Rajon Rondo studies up, under the tutelage of Boston's Big Three, on how to become a great point guard and leader on a potentially great team.

Go behind the scenes and get access to the young, ever-improving Atlanta Hawks as they go through their daily practice routine.

Chicago's Ben Gordon showcases his extraordinary sneaker collection for TNT cameras.

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