Tuesday, September 4, 2007

2004 Reebok Big Time Tournament

First of all I have to warn you: I only have the 1st half of this game! Actually until 10 minutes ago, after I finished uploading the 700 MB file I couldn't suspect that this video was just 21 minute long. It's only when I played the video to see the names of the 2 teams that I got this bad surprise.
So if you want to see OJ Mayo play for a half-game go get it, but if you don't like full games, just skip this one.

This game is the semi finals of the 2004 Big Time Tournament between D-1 Greyhounds & Team Breakdown.

OJ Mayo (#32 white) scored 28 points in this game (I don't know how many he had at the half though), Edwin Rios led Team Breakdown with 28 points also but his team got the victory (90-80). They lost in finals against Spiece Indy Heat (Greg Oden's team).

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