Saturday, September 1, 2007

Top 50 Classics 1-10

I let you find out by yourself the final 10 of my top 50 hiphop joints. Yeah, I'm a bit lazy this morning also I'm pissed off because I've left my pc running this night to upload the game vs Argentina and another game too and when I woke up I had this connection error message on my upload page... quite frustrating I gotta say. But I don't give up ;) you'll just have to wait a little bit more.
Anyways, back to hiphop. In this pack there are classic joints by Raekwon, Group Home, Common or Nas. Nas is like didn't make the cut simply because I forgot about it, lol, otherwise it would probably have been in this part. Another artist I completely missed out is Mef. If I had to do this Top50 over again I'll certainly put Bring The Pain, Release Yo'delf and All I Need with Mary J. I'll take more time on my next Top. By the way, I don't know yet if I'll make an underground or mainstream recent joints ranking...
For now, grab the last hiphop classics part below.

TOP 50 - 1 to 10

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