Tuesday, September 4, 2007

NBA Rookies Episode 1

This show is great! I loved it when I watched it back in 2005. It's a Spike TV show in association with nba enterntainment about the 2004 rookies. It looks like the ESPN show "The Life" except it follows 6 players (the guys you see above: Howard, Okafor, Iguodala, Nelson, Harris & JR Smith) during a full season from draft day to the end of the Playoffs. There are also rare footages from famous rookies like Pippen getting "friendly" slapped by Oakley, O'Neal spinning on the hardwood, Melo struggling during practice and much more.
There's a total of 6 episodes and I'll upload 1 every other day.

In this first episode, you will see the anxious rookies waiting for their name to be called at the draft and at the same time decisions being made in the Sixers' "draft war" room, Okafor discovering with new team and trying to find his marks with Team USA, skinny Howard getting physically ready for the NBA, and so much more.


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