Thursday, August 26, 2010

Friendly Game: USA vs Greece

US Gay Rudy slams

English version


763MB, MP4, SSC

US Westbrook Andre

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  1. Thanks for posting it.

    Your compression settings are good. Some people would prefer a size of 1'44GB approximately for the size and much more quality...Maybe for the size storage systems that we can manage in our days it could be even a better option...Who knows it... :-) .

    I've got the 2008 final game between Spain vs USA with a 4'4GB size on disk and I can't play it in my Athlon X2 3800+ (bought in 2006)...

    These could be the opposite extreme case.

    But it's true that will arrive a time in which the size of the files that for us are big then they will transform in normal and small sizes and we'll enjoy better video qualities...

    I think that the size of friendly games are ok with 800MB and more important games are desirable with double size (for instance).

    Antway, thank you for your efforts and for making possible that in Spain we can watch a powerfull team like the TEAM USA. :-)

    Thank you very much!