Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jay Hernandez - Advanced Point Guard Skills & Drills
Here's a training video I found onSport-Scene.
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Being a Point Guard means playing the toughest position on the floor. Point Guards are expected the lead their team, make plays for teammates, be a threat to score, handle the basketball in pressure situations, and be the coach on the floor. Don't you wish you could be dominate in all of these areas? Having a wide-ranging skill-set specific to point guard play is essential to continue your basketball career at the highest levels. Learning the skills necessary to become a top point guard are not easy. The teachers at the highest level often spend most of their time working with the best players in college and the pros, leaving most basketball players to have to rely on a local coach for expertise in the point guard area or attending a generic basketball camp that will not sufficiently address the needs of point guards wanting to play at the highest levels. Now you can get the same instruction as top NBA and College players get and unleash the dominating point guard inside of you - all in the comfort of your home! Jay Hernandez will break down the skills necessary to control the game, make plays for your teammates, and yes - score more points yourself. Imagine bringing the ball down the floor knowing that no defender can rattle you. You are in complete control of the game and you will dictate what happens and when. And when it comes time to close the game out at crunch time - you'll be the player everyone will be looking to. A former Division I Point Guard and Trainer to the Pros, Jay Hernandez, will teach you the Point Guard skills necessary to play the position at the highest levels. The skills and drills on the DVD are the same techniques Jay teaches the Professional players he works with. * Learn the most important dribbling drills to do. Being a Point Guard requires a wide ranging skill set and working the most important dribbling drills will keep you from wasting precious workout time on unnecessary drills.

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