Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Friendly Game: USA vs Spain

Spain's Marc Gasol

Here's the english version

857MB, MP4, SSC

USA's Kevint Durant slam


  1. Thanks for posting this game, although I've watched before in live as spaniard.

    I'm a big NBA fan and a big TEAM USA fan.

    Please, could you upload the TEAM USA vs Greece and the next TEAM USA vs Croatia?.

    If you don't post those games I won't have got them anymore: there's no way to watch them in Spain.

    You are the only source of these kind of games for all of us.

    Thank you very much for posting them.

  2. I4ll do my best to post them ^^

  3. Thanks Toums.

    Ah, your codification sttings are awesome!.

    857MB and a great quality...Great quality/size ratio without no doubt!. You Should post your settings as a recommendation for other posters like Jason Feng or others like you/him.

    Please, continue in this way.

    You're making a great job. :-)

    Thank you very much.