Saturday, December 1, 2007

Donate Via Paypal

I don't charge you for anything here but it does cost to me. I got some daily expenses for the server and I'm thinking about getting a new one to host all the future full games, so no more Megaupload or Divshare links for you. It would be sweet, wouldn't it? But for this I need your contribution! You can make a donation through Paypal, small or big (from $1 to all your bank account $) and help me gather money for this server.
In return for your donation you will have access to some exclusive videos that I haven't posted to the site, over 5 GB of vids (still growing), so you won't feel you've spent your money on nothing.

To give you an idea here are the videos in that folder at the moment:
-Better Ball Handling
-Better Shooting
-Hakeem The Dream
-NBA Furious Finishes
-NBA Street Series Vol. 3
-One Love Vol. 2 True Ballin'

Click below now!

PS: You'll have 48 hours to download these videos as the link will change after that.

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