Friday, December 28, 2007

Mavs-Cavs 12/27

Well as you can see the Cavs won the poll but since many of you also wanted the celtics/sonics game I will upload it too, later, on sharebee.
This one here is on divshare except part A2 which wouldn't fit so it's on megaupload


Part A 1 2
Part B
Part C

LeBron James' night started with a face-full of a defender's hand and got worse with a slip in an empty backcourt. Then came two painful drives, the first leaving him with an aching wrist, the other forcing him to blink away stars from another pop in the face.

There was nothing easy or smooth about this game.

Despite the bruises, foul trouble and errant shooting, James managed 24 points, eight rebounds and seven assists, helping the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Dallas Mavericks 88-81 on Thursday night in a game almost as difficult to watch as it was to play.

"I took some blows tonight," James said. "I don't come out of the game. I'm fine. I shake it off and go to the next play. That didn't stop me once I got hit the first time from going back into the interior. It isn't going to stop me."

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