Monday, December 17, 2007

Expired Pineapples Mixes

Some great mixes by EP productions & Vincent Da from 2 years ago or so.

Shaq TV
(7'07, 63MB)
D-Wade Is The Flash
(Comics inspired, 2'40, 40MB)
Vinsanity Productors' Cut
("The Ring" inspired, 9'37, 61MB)
Art Of War Uncensored
(6'44, 145MB)
5 Deadly Venoms 2: Return Of The Shogun
(Yao & Tmac, 13'53, 127MB)
Larry Johnson
(1'57, 12MB)
Pippen: 99 Problems
(2'46, 15MB)
NBA Jam Session Remix
(Intro & BBD's Above The Rim Revisited, 4'11, 15MB)
Ronnie Fields
(1'31, 9MB)
Shawn Kemp
(3'53, 15MB)

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