Sunday, July 29, 2007

Got PSP?

I figured that some of you would enjoy having already encoded videos for their PSP so from time to time I will add a PSP version of the video which is basically a mp4 file and a THM image.
You will need to put these 2 files in the MP_ROOT/100MNV01 folder of your memory stick (not in the PSP/VIDEO folder). Create these folders at the root of your MS if it's the first time you play videos on your PSP.
A PSP video filename should look like this to work: m4v00000, you can change the numbers of course but remember both mp4 & thm files should have the same name.
For some reason, sometimes your PSP doesn't recognize the video when you drag & drop, so thein this case use a program like pspvideo9 or xilisoft psp converter to import the files automatically to the right folder.

Our first psp video is:

Shaquille Episode 1 (102 MB) - THM file
(rename video to m4v00001.mp4 or it won't work!)

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