Thursday, July 5, 2007

Quai 54

Last weekend took place the 5th edition of the Quai 54 Streetball Tournament in Paris, which is said to be the best one in all Europe. 5 out of the last 16 teams were non-french: Midnight Madness (UK), West 4 All-Stars (USA), Duke All-Stars (Belgium), Little Suisses (Switzerland) and Team Jon Session (Germany). The first 3 made it to the second round (Sunday).

It was my first time going there and I admit the tourney lived up to his hype.

I went there on Sunday with guys from the site. It started around noon with the quarter finals and ended after 10PM. The level was pretty high as most players there were professionals. It was getting real physical at some point, the game remained clean though. No time for And1-type fancy moves here, only efficiency would prevail. Your opponent wouldn't even allow you do such things being always all up on you.
So there hasn't been many crowd pleasing moves, crossovers, dunks nor fast breaks because of the intensity. However, there's been plenty of block shots!

I taped all games that day even though my camcorder gave up on me during the first game for no reason -it's been working fine since then, weird-, luckily I brought a back up one just in case.
I wasn't used to it and its screen on which you couldn't see much (especially in the sun) so sometimes I didn't center the action correctly. I will go through the rushes this weekend and try to make a mix of the games.

I've already made a video of the dunk contest. You can either watch the youtube version below or download it on rapidshare

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