Sunday, July 29, 2007


If you're a Shaquille O'Neal fan you have to watch this show! If you're not you might like it either way. This is a 6 episode show from 2005 where we follow Shaq during the season with the Heat. Watch him at home with his family, on the road, hanging out with Damon Jones, at practice, on the court and post-game, talking about his first meeting with Kobe since he left LA or joking when Damon got dunked on by Lebron. Shaq is making all the comments of the show, so you know it's gonna be funny. Here's a preview of the 1st ep:


more upon request...

The files are 230 MB big so take some time to upload. I will only upload the other episodes if many people want them. So leave a request in the comments part below if you wanna see them!

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