Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wanna Jump Higher?

OK, this isn't a video here but a book so this is intented to the most motivated ones. If you realy want to improve your vertical jump by full inches, you can read english and not affraid of a 150 page pdf, well this program is for you.
Actually this is more than a program as it explains you everything you wanna know from basic strength and woktout matters to more advanced questions on muscle fiber types or temper and rest importance.
Of course, if you don't care about those tips and guidances and wanna go straight to the point, you can just skip these and jump to the exercice descriptions (page 55), plyometrics and program charts. Remember that you won't gain inches overnight, it takes weeks of hard work to acheive that also make sure you're healthy before starting a program and don't over-train if you don't wanna injure yourself.

This is basically everything you ever wanted to know about increasing your vertical, that's why it's called the Vertical Jump Development Bible!

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