Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Support The Site! is a website/blog made by a fan (me) for the fans (you).

The main purpose of this site is to share the basketball video collection I've gathered over the years and also to give access to the latest highlights from to those who can't watch them on that site or want to download and save these on their computer. This year I've also added full game downloads usually available within 24h after the game and sme live game feeds.

So the goal here is not to make money (otherwise you would see some annoying pop-ups, porn ads or forced click stuff) but if I could make few bucks a day it would make up for the time I spend everyday to update the site. It would also help me pay for the server, add more direct downloads and more features to the site.

So what can you do concretely?

Site Clicks
Well, you've propably noticed the ad links from Google on top and on the right side, well a click on one of these will bring in few cents for me (from 2 to 10 or so depinding on the keyword) so you can consider this as a thank you and do this whenever you enjoyed a video you downloaded here.

Here are few instructions for proper clicking:

-Click from the main page (not from this one here if possible),
-You don't need to click everyday, once every other day or twice a week is far enough,
-Multiple clicks from a same IP address within 24 hours won't be taken into account,
-Since ads don't open in a new window, the best moment to click is when you want to leave the site so won't have to hit the previous button.

More ad clicks
Again some google ad clicks you can make but this time on another website. Don't be surprised it has no relation with basketball, this one is about asbestos cancer (weird, I know). Go to this site (which you can find also on the main page as Mesothelioma Symptoms) and click on an ad from time to time (once a week this time is well enough). I'm trying something here, not sure if it works, I'll let you know.

I have also added a Donation box for those who feel generous, charitable or philanthropist (no, don't leave yet!). This is also aimed at those of you who have won the lottery, found a bundle of dollar bills or inherited a large sum of money and don't know what to do with it. Well you can "invest" it in this site! Just hit the donate button and send your donation via Paypal. Some of this money (I don't expect to get much from this as you can see) might be invested back into premium accounts on upload sites or other stuff.
Those who kindly donated will get access to a secret folder (keep the link to yourself ;) where you can download few exclusive videos as a token of my greatfulness.

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