Wednesday, August 22, 2007

City Slam Season 2

I found 3 full shows from last year's episodes (shot in Panama City) there (cool, I didn't have to upload them!), I will add some other shows later, probably this weekend. These here are in direct download.

City Slam ATL Regional
— Marvin "High Rizer" Collins
— Robert "Flight" Wilson
— Dewayne "UPS" Swain
— Mike "Sky High" Banks

City Slam NYC Regional
— Rasharn "Snapp" Barner
— Shanod "JFK" Burton
— Cameron "Birdie" Bennison
— Devin "Mr. Biz" Thompson

City Slam Oakland Regional
— Robert "Exile" Yong
— Kevin "Bizness" Butler
— Chris "C.G." Green
— Brian "The Beaster" Parker

By the way, I'm putting again the link to this video that was on my old site, a DimeTV vid which compiles some of the best dunks from the second season. Again, right click the image to d/l.

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