Thursday, August 23, 2007

Top 50 Classics 41-50

I've made a compilation some of my favorite hiphop tunes, some classic stuff from the 90's. I've cut down my selection to 50 which was already a hard task then I tried to sort it out. It would be too much of a headhache for me to make a complete top 50 so I jut made a 10 by 10 selection.

Also, just to make it clear, this isn't my absolute Top 50 HipHop Classics but rather a best of the songs that are on my computer, most of my favorites are here but many are missing too.

I'll make another Top 50 (or 25) from more recent songs later.

Here's the first part:

Top 10 - 41 to 50

By alphabetic order:

-Big Pun feat. Prodigy & Inspektah Deck - Tres Leches
-Da Youngsta's - I'll Make You Famous
-Gang Starr - Code Of The Streets
-Jeru - Can't Stop The Prophet (Pete Rock Remix)
-Nas - Represent
-Naughty By Nature - OPP
-Pete Rock - The Game
-Saucrates - Father Time
-Lords Of The Underground - Funky Child
-The Pharcyde - Drop

Feel free to leave your comments.

Next part is coming in a couple of days.

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